Roof Tarp Services

Roof Tarp Services
Roof Tarp Services

When it comes to delivering quality and professional customer service, we at TriCounty Homes Holdings Roof Tarp’s affiliates understand what real value is and what it means to you. Our staff of talented, dedicated, and experienced team works diligently to provide only the highest quality services when it comes to tarps, trap systems for your roof, tailor-made metal products, and top-notch welding services by master welders.

Each of our services and products is custom-designed to meet your unique qualifications and needs. We believe that living up to promises is essential not only for business but part of our ethics when it comes to the quality of service we provide and the products we use. Our service area is the whole State of Florida.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to help you with any roof tarp problems and any repairs or restoration you may need. Whether you need help with your roof tarps due to hurricanes, falling trees, high wind, hail storms, or fire, we are here to assess your needs readily. We will provide you with free estimates and time to complete all repairs. For any of our customers needing emergency work, we offer services to when life can’t wait.

  • Our services include Roof damage assessment, roof tarp installation, roof leak repair, roof damage repair, and installation.
  • We offer custom-designed products and services made to fit your unique needs.
  • We offer fast-turnarounds and high-quality repairs and even replacements of tarp systems.
    With 20+ years of service and experience in Florida, our reputation echoes our work and quality.
  • You shouldn’t have to wait. That’s why our assessments, installations, repairs, and restorations are fast and top-notch.
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